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Moderation - Mutes


Muting is part of my Moderation Module which allows moderations to mute or timeout users.

Muting Modes#

By default, muting uses Discord Timeouts which often has more advantages to using the legacy Role Overrides option. However, this can be toggled in the Admin Panel inside the Mute command options.

Discord Timeouts#

Discord Timeouts are a relatively new feature built into Discord which allows users with the Moderate Members permission to time out users for a predetermined period of time.

When 'timed out', users cannot:

  • Send messages
  • Add new reactions to messages
  • Join voice channels

Users that are timed out will see a notice and countdown to when the time out will end. Screenshot of a timed out user

Through the Discord UI, users can be timed out for 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week. However, though Mizar, the maximum timeout is 4 weeks. This means that if a moderator was to time out a user for 5 weeks, Mizar would apply a 4 week time out, then apply another week later into the time out period.


  • Timed out users see a notice and countdown to time out expiry
  • Moderators can easily see timed out users with an icon next to their name


  • The maximum time out is 4 weeks, so Mizar must automatically renew the time out for longer periods. This leads to the countdown being inaccurate
  • Timed out users cannot join voice channels at all

Role Overrides#

Role Overrides are the legacy muting method, which is often found in other moderation bots too.

These work by creating a Muted role and then creating a permission override for each channel, denying users the Send Message (etc.) permission.


If channels are created and muted users can speak in them, delete the Muted role and re-mute the user to regenerate the role overrides.


  • All users, including those without the Moderate Members permission, can see if a user has the Muted role
  • Muted users can join voice channels, but not speak


  • Channel role overrides must be made for each channel, which can make them more complicated to edit
  • If a user has an existing role override that allows them to send messages or speak, this cannot be disabled whilst muted
  • If moderators also use Discord Timeouts through the API when a user is already muted, the Muted role will need to removed manually
  • If many channels are being created, the role will need to be recreated to regenerate the overrides