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Using Commands

Commands are the main feature of Mizar, and are used to interact with the bot.

The Help Command#

The /help command can be used inside a text channel to list all the commands that the user has access to.

This command additionally accepts a command argument, in the format /help [commandName], to provide more information about a command itself.


The complete command list and detailed information about each command can be found on Mizar's command page.

Please note, however, that your specific server may have several commands disabled and several commands renamed - check your guild's command page for a more accurate list.

Command Types#

Mizar offers two different methods to execute commands: text (custom prefix) commands and slash commands.

Text Commands#

Text commands are the original command method. Prefix and prefix aliases can be set on the webpanel (with the default being !), and the bot will check any message that starts with this prefix for a valid command.

E.g. !help

Slash Commands#

Slash commands are Discord's new command method. Typing / in the message box will open a list of Mizar's commands, and you can continue typing to find the command that you would like to execute. The advantage of this method is that the available arguments will be displayed as you enter them so there is less need to remember them.


Each command may accept a certain number of arguments, which are displayed on the command page or by using the /help [commandName] command.

  • Required arguments are shown by angle brackets, e.g. <requiredArgument>.
  • Optional arguments are shown by square brackets, e.g. [optionalArgument].

Argument Types#

StringA sequence of charactersHello
IntegerA whole number5, 14, -4
BooleanYes or noYes/No
MemberA member in the server@Mizar, Mizar#7510, Mizar
ChannelA channel in the server#general, Voice Chat
RoleA role in the server@Admin, Moderators
MessageA message in the server893598469292437596,
EmojiA default or custom emoji๐Ÿ‘‹
TimeA date and time5:34pm, 23:11, 01/01/2022, Tomorrow
TimezoneA timezone, or a user with a set timezoneUTC, AEST, @Mizar
VoiceA TTS voiceen, fr-FR, hi-IN-m1
ColourA colourRed, #00bc8c