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Mizar Docs

Welcome to the Mizar Docs! This provides a centralised location where you can find information about Mizar's features and how to set it up.

If you're new here, you can get started by finding how Mizar can benefit your community or reading our setup guide. To install the bot to your own guild, go to

By default, Mizar requests Administrator permissions as it's the simplest way to set things up. However, you can control these more granularly by reading the required permissions and clicking 'Custom Perms' when you invie the bot.


If you would like further support, have a bug or want so suggest a new feature, please go to the following places:

Supporting Mizar#

There are three main ways that you can help Mizar:

  1. Voting - Voting on public bot listing websites can help me to grow
  2. Donating - Mizar costs money to develop and run, and therefore to keep it free we rely on the generosity of people like you
  3. Spreading The Word - Similar to voting, telling others about Mizar can help me grow

Thank you!